Lesson Plan

Title: Seasons Changing

Instructor: Ms. Abby Robbins
Subject:  Science
Grade level: K-2
Time Period: One class (50 min)

Students will be able to:

1) observe in what order seasons change and what changes happen in the environment

2) evaluate how the changes in the seasons and weather affect them and their environment

3) draw conclusions about how seasons impact them on a daily basis.

Standards Covered:

SKE1: The student will investigate and understand the basic relationships between time passing and the seasons and weather changing. Key concepts include the understanding that the seasons are a cycle, there are different weather changes with each season, and that the environment is affected by these changes.


Computer, Projector, White board, “Color the Trees” Worksheet

Topical Outline & Sequence of Activities

Concept 1: Seasons are a cycle – (5)

Show students “Tina the Tree” stop motion animation.

– Ask students to identify the order of the seasons

 – Ask students what their favorite season is and why

Concept 2: Seasons are related to the weather (10)

-Show this video that explains why the weather changes with the seasons

-Ask students to use adjectives to describe each season and what the weather feels like

-Ask students what season it is currently based on the weather outside

Comparison (15 minutes)

-Pass out “Color the tree” worksheet.

-Have each student color the trees and its surroundings to go along with the season labeled below it
Main Content (20)

-Bring class back together

-Ask students why the tree looks the way it does in each season (i.e. leaves falling in Autumn because it is getting colder)

-Ask students what they would wear in each season and why

-Ask students what activities they would do in each season

-Show pictures of random seasons and ask students to identify them                                            



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