Blog 5

In the end, is STEM worth it?

There has been a lot of controversy over STEM. Both sides have very valid points. After completing several of the projects in this class that are very STEM oriented, I feel as though STEM definitely beneficial. However, there are conditions that have to be met to make STEM really work.

I think that all teachers in STEM schools must be adequately trained and experienced in STEM education. The students cannot learn if the teachers themselves do not understand how to use the technology or the resources. Teachers must also know how to use OERs to help teach the STEM curriculum.

STEM also really gets the students thinking about their future careers. I wish I would have had more guidance in this area when I was in school, instead of wasting valuable college time changing my major and wasting credit hours. It also helps students get excited about their education by catering to their interests. I also think students being knowledgable about how to use different types of technology will be helpful throughout their lives. So, overall, STEM can be very helpful in students’ educational careers.


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