Blog 3

STEM is meant to prepare the student for real world careers in this ever-changing technological society. The US has typically lagged in the math and sciences so this is a great opportunity for America to catch up in the global market. STEM curriculums have seen more comparable test scores in math and sciences than ever before.

Not only do students get a hands on education with technology that they will be using every day, they also have the opportunity to network. Many schools have an outreach with local businesses. Students have the opportunity to volunteer, intern, and co-op with these organizations. I did not go to a STEM school, but I would have loved to have had these opportunities at my fingertips.

Finally, the STEM curriculum is a lot more fun and engaging for students. This next generation has never been in a world with out cell phones, computer or tablets. It makes sense to bring these into the classroom because it is all they have ever known. Technology makes educational material more interesting and relevant to the student. So this allows the students to take a more active stance in their education.


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