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Are we shifting too much focus to STEM?

STEM is the emphasis of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in schools. My sister is an elementary school teacher and her school is currently trying to become a STEM school. She has mentioned that there is virtually no funding for the art program at her school. I’ve previously held negative views of STEM because I believe that the arts are a very integral part of the education experience and should not be ignored. Being a Psychology major, I really do not think that softer sciences, such as Psychology and Social Studies, should be less emphasized, along with Language Arts.

This article compared two different points of view of STEM. The first review was by Larry Edmonds, who thought that we are, in fact, putting too much focus on STEM. He argued that while the student might become more competitive academically on a global scale, they would not succeed in a social context. They will not have the social or communication skills to be able to do well in college interviews, job interviews, or in the public eye. He thinks that STEM and the arts should be taught equally in order to produce a better and more well rounded student (Edmonds, “Are we shifting too much focus to STEM?”)

The opposing voice comes from Cindy Moss, who does not think that there is too much of an emphasis being put on STEM. She argues that STEM allows students to practice “real world problems” that better prepare them than the current curriculum. She says that STEM also allows the student to become more involved and engaged in the classroom, which leads to higher test scores. She also mentioned how science achievement test scores have skyrocketed since implementing STEM (Moss, “Are we shifting too much focus to STEM?”).

After reading this article, I understand where people who are pushing STEM come from. While I do agree our math and sciences in America need to be more of focal point for our economy’s sake, I still think that arts and humanities should have an equal focus. I believe balance is the only to make students well rounded. This conclusion makes me wonder if there is a way to balance both of these points of view. This also brings up the question of if the language and social studies test scores have suffered in schools since STEM has been implemented.


Edmonds, L., & Moss, C. (2014, May 1). Are we shifting too much focus to STEM? Retrieved January 18, 2016, from http://www.learningandleading-digital.com/learning_leading/may_2014?pg=10#pg10



One thought on “Are we shifting too much focus to STEM?

  1. Hi, I’m Emily. I totally agree with you here. Even though the core STEM classes are becoming more and more competitive and intensive, depriving students of the arts is not a suitable solution. Technology is definitely helping to add creativity into these classes.


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